Opening in Lunge

Opening in Lunge

Article contributed by Yoga Instructor Ayesha Khan


Yoga Instructor Ayesha Khan in low lunge

It’s not so much the pose, but the work in this asana that captivates me.  It is about me against me and the opportunity to dive deep into the yoga world.  On the one hand “lunging” is an opportunity to eliminate disease through the cultivation of prana.  Prana is the cosmic force that animates life in all that is living. On the other hand “lunging” is an opportunity to find clarity and reconnect with myself. Clarity as I am able to subdue the ego and let the process unfold.

Opening in lunge leads to magical healing and transformation:

  • It’s an opening to life itself
  • The key to be yourself
  • To do your best To engage in life consciously

Lunge is the icon of Rasa Flow Yoga.  This yoga pose has inspired Rasa Flow Yoga to take the knowledge and expertise of yoga movements to another level.  Low Lunge is a beautiful expression and a reminder to incorporate yoga into our lives.

This expression of Lunge inspires me to cultivate and harness my inner strength mentally and physically.  I love to offer the work that will get you to fall in love with yoga whether you are flexible or inflexible.

The potential is what opens us to the beautiful expression of yoga asanas.