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3 Benefits to Practicing Yoga Before Bed

Yoga is well known for helping you be mindful, reduce anxiety, and aid with flexibility and toning of your body. However, there are other lifestyle benefits of yoga that improve your quality of life, especially if you practice yoga movements as a routine before bedtime.

Creating a bedtime routine through yoga movements also provides daily structure where your body knows when it is time to wind down and your mind knows when to turn off. The benefits are endless!

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Cannot Sleep? Try These 4 Yoga Poses on Your Mattress

An optimistic attitude, enhanced memory, a well-functional metabolism and stress resilience: these are just a few of the advantages we achieve if we get proper sleep, night after night. Our ability to solve problems and our academic performances can be improved with a good night rest.

On the other hand, losing sleep has damaging consequences for our body and brain. Some severe illnesses could affect us in time, while our capacity to work, shine and lead a beautiful life will be impacted as well.

I’m sure that you’re all aware of the importance of proper repose for our well-being. But sometimes, no matter how tired you feel or how long your day has been, sleep merely won’t come. Instead of tossing and turning around in your bed or watching TV, or playing on your laptop or smartphone, hoping to fall asleep sooner, I suggest you try yoga – the natural way to calm down your mind and body and enjoy a smooth plunge into deep, restful sleep. Continue reading

Practicing Self-Love Every Day!

With Valentine’s Day just passed we’ve been thinking a lot about love, or rather self-love. Valentine’s Day is focused on the love shared between two people, but we believe the adage that you can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself. With that in mind here are some ways to pamper and love yourself every day.  Continue reading

Men & Yoga

When it comes to yoga, a large portion of the regular practitioners are women. Peek into any yoga class, and a person will see a great room full of women of all ages, sizes and shapes, with a few men added in. Why is this?

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Serpent of Fire

Serpent of Fire: How Kundalini Yoga Works as Lifestyle and Practice

Kundalini is a style of yoga that utilizes meditation as well as physical exercise. The practice is centered on the concept that within all of us there is a dormant energy; an energy that signifies something ancient and divine harbored by all living creatures since the beginning of time.

Kundalini practice focuses on the base of the spine, where it is said each person’s untapped energy lies. This energy is traditionally personified as a fiery serpent coiled in rest.

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Meditation for Children

Meditation for Children

Meditation is a wonderful age-old tradition that has been practiced by numerous cultures over many thousands of years. It is something that many people have gravitated towards at some point in their lives. Many people choose to meditate either when they feel inner turmoil or when they have a desire to connect to their body and mind.

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Yoga and Athletic Performance

How Yoga Helps Boost Athletic Performance

When you think of yoga, you might not think of athletes looking to gain a competitive edge in their sport of choice. However, there are a lot of athletes who use yoga to boost their energy and endurance. Read on to find out some of the advantages yoga offers to athletes.

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