Class Descriptions

Gentle Hatha: Strengthen and stretch in a gentle way.  Great for beginners and limited mobility.  Learn yogic breathing.  Options are available to progress through practice.

Hatha:  Hatha is a class for all levels with options available to progress deeper. Poses may be explored using props, may include yoga poses against the wall. Strengthen and stretch. May include purifying breath work. Every class is different, each Instructor offers a different style and sequence. Suited for all levels of experience. 

Hatha Level 2: Hatha level 2 builds on Hatha Foundations.  We explore arm balances and postures with deeper flexibility. Have fun exploring! 

Shanti Flow: A foundational flow class to rejuvenate and awaken your inner being. Suited for all levels to enhance the quality of relaxation in a flow style.

Flow 1/2:  This class will encourage you to explore your endurance with strength and awareness.  Flow energetically and take options as they are presented throughout the class.  Open to beginners. 

Therapeutic Yoga:   Therapeutic Yoga: combines Deep Stretch, Restorative Yoga & Hatha Foundations, Breathing Practices and Meditation. This class is to de-stress, heal and manage pain.

Restorative:  A Therapeutic class using the bolster to restore the body, organs and nervous system.  Practice stillness in this class by centering the breath and body.

Yin:  A Therapeutic, Deep Stretch class that offers more stretching.
When we stretch deeply, we strengthen the joints and connective tissues – this releases deep tensions and fatigue within our skeletal structure, the results are calming on the nervous system and offer deep peace.

Meditation and Energy Healing: This class may explore any of the following: guided meditation, mudras, affirmations, gentle yoga, energy clearing, sound healing and card readings.

Sound Bath:  Sound meditation using the Gong and other instruments to help in clear the mind and to experience a deep state of stillness and peace.  Rest. Heal. Relax. Everyone Welcome.

Moon Yoga & Sound Bath
New Moon or Full Moon themed yoga class. Gentle yoga and ends with a 30 minute Sound Bath.
Check events page to see when the next Full / New Moon Yoga & Sound Bath is being offered.

Sound Bath Sanctuary with Sound Quest – Mike Reed
You’re invited to this unique 90 minute sound bath to slow down, rest, and receive healing vibrations while immersing into a soundscape of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Tongue Drums, and more.

Some benefits that you can experience during Sound & Vibrational Healing (Sound Bath):

– Deep relaxation – not only during, but days afterward you’ll be better able to manage stress and anxiety
– Increase in immune system function
– Nervous system regulation
– Decrease in depressive feelings
– Improvement in emotional regulation
– Reduced blood pressure
– Enhanced sleep and memory
– Tunes you up to positive mood states
– And more



Class Descriptions at Rasa Flow Yoga

Class Descriptions at Rasa Flow Yoga