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Rasa Flow Yoga -  Water Studio


  • Drop In $20
  • 1 Month Unlimited $130
  • 10 Yoga Classes $170

Please register and pay for your classes online as there are limited spots available due to social distancing. 

Studio Etiquette

  • No back to back classes on unlimited yoga memberships
  • If you have injuries please inform the instructor
  • Memberships are non refundable or transferable
  • All memberships have an expiry date
  • Please email rasaflowyoga@gmail.com if you have inquires about your membership



Mantras for Fulfillment -  shortcut in life
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Mantra Yoga is perhaps one of the most ancient ways of self realization.

According to the metaphysical science Mantras are primal sounds that alter the patterns of the mind and brain chemistry. Mantras are living conscious energy and have to be awakened to fully benefit from the sound, a process closely guarded secret.

The chanting of Mantras create blissful and peaceful mind. They bestow upon us the power to attain our goals and lift us from the lower to the higher level of consciousness. They give us the power to heal, attract prosperity, abundance and health. 

Yogi Amandeep Singh M.Sc, MA. is a master in ancient Himalayan yogic science and it’s applications in modern world. He is a mystic, psychotherapist, counsellor and a leading authority in comparative religious studies.


The Full Moon illuminates the night sky and our auric fields. It heightens our emotions, mental processes and/or our spiritual energy.
Yoga & Sound Healing is a perfect way to use the Full Moon energy for recharging our energetic field and clearing our chakras.

Our subtle body (energy body) contains 72,000 Nadis (energy lines) that channel Prana (life force energy) to every cell.

Combining Yoga & Sound Healing is a powerful experience!

Stretching will open several energy lines allowing vital energy to flow freely.
Sound Healing offers a cleansing power from the Gong. The vibrations will restore the energy body, balance the chakras and wash away stress and make you feel whole, vibrant and lively!

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Sound Bath Sanctuary with Mike Reed

7 - 8:30 pm
Saturday Oct. 10th
Saturday Nov. 7th
Saturday Dec. 5th
SIGN UP:  www.northvansoundbath.eventbrite.ca

Join Sound Quest online:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/soundbathsanctuary

This unique 90 minute sound bath to slow down, rest, and receive healing vibrations while immersing into a soundscape of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Tongue Drums, and more.

Some benefits that you can experience during Sound & Vibrational Healing (Sound Bath):

– Deep relaxation – not only during, but days afterward you’ll be better able to manage stress and anxiety
– Increase in immune system function
– Nervous system regulation
– Decrease in depressive feelings
– Improvement in emotional regulation
– Reduced blood pressure
– Enhanced sleep and memory
– Tunes you up to positive mood states
– And more

Dress in comfortable layers. Yoga Mats are available at the studio. Bring water bottle, blanket, a cushion/pillow & eye covering if you require them as you will be laying down for up to 90 minutes.

Sign up soon as space is limited for this event.