N. Van Water Studio

161 E 1st  St, North Vancouver
604 971-5230

Online: Registration, Schedule, Membership Purchase

Studio parking: plenty of parking available on the street.  

Our studios are updated with the new guidelines for COVID-19:
Please wear a mask in the studio space
Remove your mask only on the yoga mat
All classes must be paid for and signed up online

Rasa Flow Yoga -  Water Studio


  • Drop In $25
  • 1 Month Unlimited $130
  • 4 Yoga Classes $88
  • 10 Yoga Classes $220
  • Private yoga sessions are available:
    Single person: $60
    Two people: $80

Studio Etiquette

  • No back to back classes on unlimited yoga memberships
  • If you have injuries please inform the instructor
  • Memberships are non refundable or transferable
  • All memberships have an expiry date
  • Please email rasaflowyoga@gmail.com if you have inquires about your membership



Sound Healing with Sophia
balance the chakras
N. Van: Saturday Jan. 16th, 23rd
7:30-8:45pm,  $28

Sound Healing is a meditative experience.  You will lie on your back peacefully (yoga pose: Savasana) and receive healing vibrations from a variety of instruments.

Bring a pillow and blanket for your comfort.

-  Clear stagnant energy and make space for healing vibrations
-  Strengthen your immune system and enhance your well-being
-  Increase flow of energy, reduce stress and promote clarity
-  Enter a state of deep relaxation and connect with the earth element
-  Expand your awareness and connect with the either element

Full Moon Ceremony
Yoga & Sound Healing with Sophia
Thursday Jan. 28th, 6:30-8:30pm, $45

The Full Moon illuminates the night sky and our auric fields. It heightens our emotions, mental processes and/or our spiritual energy. 

Yoga & Sound Healing is a perfect way to use the Full Moon energy for recharging our energetic field and clearing our chakras.

Our subtle body (energy body) contains 72,000 Nadis (energy lines) that channel Prana (life force energy) to every cell.

Combining Yoga & Sound Healing is a powerful experience.

Stretching will open several energy lines allowing vital energy to flow freely.

Sound Healing offers a cleansing power from the Gong. The vibrations will restore the energy body, balance the chakras and wash away stress and make you feel whole, vibrant and lively!