The Full Moon illuminates the night sky and our auric fields. It heightens our emotions, mental processes and/or our spiritual energy.
Yoga & Sound Healing is a perfect way to use the Full Moon energy for recharging our energetic field and clearing our chakras.

New Moon /Full Moon
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Unique 90 minute sound bath to slow down, rest, and receive healing vibrations while immersing into a soundscape of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Tongue Drums & more.

North Vancouver
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7 - 8:30 pm
Saturday Nov. 7th

Saturday Dec. 5th

Port Coquitlam:
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7 - 8:30 pm
Sunday Oct. 25th
Sunday Nov. 22nd
Sunday Dec. 20th

Rasa Therapy with Ayesha
Healing and therapeutic yoga classes in a meditative realm

  • Suited for anyone new to yoga
  • Embodiment of foundational yoga poses
  • Targeted to optimize body alignment
  • Well-supported and guided yoga stretches
  • Well structured to manage pain and daily tension
  • Slow paced classes to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Mindful breathing is encouraged throughout the class
  • Cultivation of a non reactive quality of mind
  • Improvement in lymphatic flow and blood circulation
  • Stimulation of joint fluid
  • Meditation to balance the nervous system

Classes are offered in both locations, register online.
North Vancouver & Port Coquitlam

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Mantra Yoga is perhaps one of the most ancient ways of self realization.

According to the metaphysical science Mantras are primal sounds that alter the patterns of the mind and brain chemistry. Mantras are living conscious energy and have to be awakened to fully benefit from the sound, a process closely guarded secret.

The chanting of Mantras create blissful and peaceful mind. They bestow upon us the power to attain our goals and lift us from the lower to the higher level of consciousness. They give us the power to heal, attract prosperity, abundance and health. 

Yogi Amandeep Singh M.Sc, MA. is a master in ancient Himalayan yogic science and it’s applications in modern world. He is a mystic, psychotherapist, counsellor and a leading authority in comparative religious studies.

*This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.