Effective April 21st you may sign up for a semi-private yoga session.
90 minutes, Drop In $60
please visit Mind Body Online to book your session.

We are committed to offering you yoga classes that invigorate and inspire your health and wellness goals so that each one of us can step into our courage and integrity.

We will continue to offer in-studio yoga classes as we all need a place to anchor for healing and transformation.

Welcome to Rasa Flow Yoga
Our studios are updated with the new guidelines for COVID-19:
Please wear a face mask in the studio space
Remove your mask ONLY on the yoga mat
All classes must be paid for and signed up online

2569 Shaughnessy St
Port Coquitlam

161 E 1st St
North Vancouver

Upcoming events & special classes:

currently offering semi-private sessions (2 people)

Port Coquitlam
Yoga & Sound Healing
Saturdays: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Drop in $60

North Vancouver
Yoga & Sound Healing
Mondays: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Drop in $60

North Vancouver
Sound Bath Sanctuary with Mike Reed

7:00-8:30pm, $40
Register on Eventbrite

Saturday May 29th
Saturday June 19th

Tarot & Oracle Cards
Intuitive Reading with Sophia
Insight on your life's path...
30 minutes $30

North Vancouver & Port Coquitlam
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
email to book an appointment

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