* Bibi Singh: “After 10 classes with Ayesha and concentrated Ayesha (no other teacher to dilute the effect), the agony I had suffered with my unstable sacro-iliac joint for 4 years miraculously disintegrated. After each class, I would leave pain-free. I did try other classes, thinking it was the yoga practice that was my new medicine, and although the teachers were very well-versed in their craft, I didn’t get that same effect and so, remain an Ayesha addict. I ask why; some say it’s her voice, her gentleness, her relaxed manner and while all these are true of her, for me, I think it’s her energy, her healing energy that I’m tapping into. Whatever the magic is, I can’t thank you enough, Ayesha, for helping give me the mental and physical energy I need to carry out all my worldly tasks.”

* Valerie Lowther: “I truly believe in Bibi ‘s experience regarding yoga with both Mac and Ayesha. I have been a number of injuries this year and through thoughtfulness , gentleness and kindness they have helped me both modify, guide and show me the way to improving my strength and flexibility without aggravating any injury. I am comfortable to be in your classes knowing that you modify for everyone.”

* Sandra Levy: “I often feel like I am pushed for time. I look forward to when I can get there and give myself an hour ( or more) of peace just for me. I enjoy all the instructors, each one offers a little something different. Everyday or once a week, whenever you can do something just for you. Then that exactly what you should do. I feel refreshed in the mind and taller when I leave each class. I am very happy to have found this place so close to home.”

*  Michelle Rahn: “Rasa yoga is amazing. My joint pain and overall body strength has changed dramatically after 15 sessions.i highly recommend this studio.”

* Ava Naves: “Rasa Flow Yoga has become an essential part of my life.  I’ve attended Kundalini Yoga glasses with Ram Jot, Jagdeesh Jap-Prem, Donna, Soraya… Hatha with Sophia, Ayesha, Kenzie Jeff… Flow and Ashtanga with Mak… and I’m truly a happier and healthier person.  My deepest gratitude.”

* Amrita Singh: “A refuge from the day * A truly authentic yoga experience* Focusing on the breath – Alignment of postures – Gentle instruction – Breath of fire in every class. Mak and Ayesha are committed practitioners and teachers of the “REAL” Yoga as ‘a way of life’. Their dedication is evident in all their classes which sometimes overun by 15 to 30 minutes. They’re not looking at their clocks, never rushing…ensuring that their students have a complete experience. I highly recommend you try a class. I go to the Earth Studio in Port Coquitlam. “

* Linda Popadynetz: “Thanks to Yoga and Weight Watchers I have lost 40 pounds snce April 2014. Like many people I have lost this same 40 over and over. However. I have been on Throid Replacement for an underactive thyroid fo rover 25 years, the weight lost previously did not make any difference in the medication I have to correct this. Since taking Yoga with Ayesha and Mak my doseage has dropped from 170 mcg to 75mcg. I credit my Yoga practice for this improvement. I have not felt this energized in many many years. THANK YOU YOGA, and you Ayesha and Mak.”

* Anna Tür: “During all my pregnancy, I am visiting Rasa Flow Yoga Studio in Port Coquitlam. Thank you Yogi Ayesha Khan for accepting and supporting me during all my pregnancy journey. I enjoy every class and can recommend this Yoga Studio to everyone who take cares of his mind, body and spirit. All instructors are great!!! But my favorite ones are Ayesha, Donna and Jagdeesh. The studio has such a positive atmosphere that you want to stay there as long as you can and come back again and again.”

* Asha Jagdeesh Jap Prem:  “Rasa Flow Yoga is my favorite studio to serve. It’s honor and privilege to be a part of this beautiful heart centred Family of consciousness”

* Anndee Raney: “The Rasa Flow Community are truly heart filled yogis- spreading peace love and joy to all they meet!”

* Lara Mouline: “Amazing studio, brilliant teachers! I love coming to the classes taught by Ayesha and Mak. Although, the intensity and the nature of the sessions defer quite a bit, the atmosphere that these yoga masters create during their sessions is for the utmost benefit of our spiritual, physical, mental, and intellectual well being. My business life is very demanding, and what these sessions give me at the end of the day is my balance, strength, focus, and incredible calmness. I try to attend my yoga sessions with Mak and Ayesha every day – it feels almost like having a date with myself – this is the place where I relax, breath, listen to my body, explore my mind, and learn how to control my life force and my life balance. Great yoga studio and amazing teachers! Two thumbs up!”

* Valerie Lowther: “I know what you mean. I have been with them for three years I love each class being different and unique to the moment I want to keep them a secret!”


* This disclaimer states there is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary.