Sound Healing with Sophia at Rasa Flow Yoga

Sound Bath / Sound Healing Meditation with Chakra Clearing & Balancing
This event is sometimes themed to celebrate the New Moon or Full Moon energy.

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Sound Healing is a meditative experience and a form of alternative medicine that has been around for thousands of years. The sound frequencies create a therapeutic atmosphere which allow you to enter into a theta brainwave state for insight, inspiration, intuition, deep healing and much more.

You will lie on your back peacefully (yoga pose: Savasana) and receive healing vibrations from a variety of instruments such as the Gong, Singing Bowls, Drums and Chimes.

Yoga mat & bolster is provided.
Bring a pillow, blanket and water for your comfort.

More Benefits:
- Clear stagnant energy and reduce stress
- Strengthen your immune system and your body's natural healing abilities
- Increase flow of energy and creativity 
- Improve mental clarity and relationships
- Restore balance to the body's energy fields: Chakras and Nadis
(Chakras are energy centres in the body. Nadis are 72,000 energy lines in the body)
- Enter into a state of deep relaxation and connect with the earth element
- Expand your awareness and connect with the either element
- An opportunity to manifest your goals or desires
- Magnify the benefits of sound healing when you participate around the energy of the New Moon or Full Moon!

Body Care Yoga with Ayesha at Rasa Flow Yoga

Body Care Yoga with Ayesha
Go deep in your self-care practice

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• Heal the physical body
• Gentle Yoga to increase your well-being
• Gain self-control over your wellness
• Improve elasticity in your body
• Target problem areas in the fascia, ligaments, joints, tendons
• Restore your nervous system
• Activate the energetic centres (Chakras & Nadis)
• Feel clear and vibrant
• Open the pathway to improve the quality of your life
• Pursue your endeavor to awaken to your true nature

Improve and maintain your existing state so you can operate in a special way towards your life goals and projects. We will be using yogic techniques to release from old patters and will bring ourselves to a place of thoughtfulness and realign with positive self-worth. We will discover areas of our own body that need to experience complete release.  This practice instils creativity and peacefulness, ensuring significant improvement in the quality of your life. Commit to your Body Care Yoga program weekly at Rasa Flow Yoga. Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Balance, Meditate and Journal. This class is a blend of Hatha, Yin & Restorative.  All levels welcome including new to yoga.

We all have busy schedules and when we prioritize our well-being we receive enormous results that transform our energy. Our subtle body (energy body) contains 72,000 Nadis (energy lines) that channel Prana (life force energy) to every cell.  By participating in this 2 hour class we target energy lines in our hips, spine, shoulders, feet, hands, knees, wrists, neck and much more. We will go deep in this exploration connecting with our physical body and energy body.

Give yourself permission to perform at your optimum level and magnify the power of your life-force.