North Vancouver
Yoga & Sound Healing 
Mondays 6:30pm - 8:00pm
45 minutes yoga & 45 min sound healing

On weekly class schedule, available with your membership or drop in $25

Port Coquitlam:
Sound Healing
Saturday June 26th 7 - 8pm
Book on events tab - $25

Sound Healing is a meditative experience.  You will lie on your back peacefully (yoga pose: Savasana) and receive healing vibrations from a variety of instruments such as the Gong, Singing Bowls and Drums.

Bring a pillow and blanket for your comfort.

-  Clear stagnant energy and make space for healing vibrations
-  Strengthen your immune system and enhance your well-being
-  Increase flow of energy, reduce stress and promote clarity
-  Enter a state of deep relaxation and connect with the earth element
-  Expand your awareness and connect with the either element


The Full Moon illuminates the night sky and our auric fields. It heightens our emotions, mental processes and/or our spiritual energy.  Yoga & Sound Healing is a perfect way to use the Full Moon energy for recharging our energetic field and clearing our chakras.
Our subtle body (energy body) contains 72,000 Nadis (energy lines) that channel Prana (life force energy) to every cell. Combining Yoga & Sound Healing is a powerful experience.

This sessions includes:
Yoga to detox and relax
Ritual to release negative energy
Ritual to manifest your intention
Sound Healing to complete the ceremony

This Full Moon Ceremony will restore the energy body, balance the chakras and wash away stress and make you feel whole, vibrant and lively!


Chair Yoga with Mak

Come and experience a unique way of being with yourself in yoga asanas.

We will use a chair, bolsters, blankets and straps to stretch deeply, feel energized and comfortable at the same time.

With support and safety, you will be guided to move easily into different versions of yoga asanas.

In this practice you will improve on stability, mobility, alignment, release tension and experience being in yoga asanas.