Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading using Tarot & Oracle Cards with Sophia

  • Tarot: 45-60 minutes $60
  • Aura Color Reading using clairvoyance abilities - $45

Intuitive Reading is an interactive experience. Readings can be done on a specific question or on a topic such us: love, personal life, career. 

a tarot reading can offer:  

  • your current vibration
  • insight on your life's path
  • inner strengths and challenges
  • upcoming opportunities
  • deeper self awareness

Call 604-971-5230 or email:  

About Sophia:
Sophia is an intuitive and a student of Psychic & Mediumship Studies

Intuitive Energy Healer & Sound Healer
Yoga Instructor and Yoga Teacher Trainer 

Tarot / Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Individuals should always trust their own intuition when making decisions.
Yoga Memberships, Tarot / Psychic Readings are non-refundable or transferable.