Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Sessions with Sophia

Intuitive Tarot, 45-60 minutes, $60
An interactive experience usinng Tarot or Oracle cards. Readings can be done on a specific question or on a topic such us: love, personal life, career. 

a tarot reading can offer:  

  • your current vibration
  • insight on your life's path
  • inner strengths and challenges
  • upcoming opportunities
  • deeper self awareness

Expanded Intuitive Session with Sophia

$150,  90 minutes 

$500, Bundle Pack of 4 sessions
meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 90 minute sessions
Connect with me regularly to get grounded, feel energetically aligned, feel motivated to continue on your path,  celebrate your wins and work on your action plan. 

An opportunity for listening, healing and creating a pathway to take action.
This session can include any of my 'Medicines' to create flow in your life:
Tarot, energy reading, energy clearing, energy healing, sound healing, yoga, guided meditation, journaling and ceremony. 

What can you expect:

  • let go of old energies by expressing yourself 
  • create an energetic shift in your energetic world
  • bring closure to a chapter in your life to help you move forward
  • strengthen your energy body, Chakras, set boundaries and take action 
  • access your inner wisdon and receive messages from your higher-self
  • identify what's holding you back and create pathways for change and transformation 
  • brainstorm with me and take creative measures to implent strategies for success 
  • acknowledge and celebrate your strengths and see your bright light

To book your session call 604-971-5230 or email:  

About Sophia:

Sophia is a mother, student, teacher and a healer.  She has been practicing yoga since 2004 which has helped her shape her life. She is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer, sound healer and intuitive healer.

Her intention is to create a safe place for people from all walks of life to enjoy and benefit from various healing modalities. Sophia has been offering magical events combined with yoga, sound healing and intuitive readings.  These events or ceremonies help people let go of energies that no longer serve them, open up to a world of abundance and align with their higher self to manifest.

Sophia is a natural born Medium. All Mediums are Psychic as they use their Psychic senses to connect with the Spirit World. Sophia has been 'seeing', 'feeling', 'hearing' the Spirit World since childhood.  Sophia loves all things metaphyscial, she continues to study and understand all things related to Energy and the Spirit World. When conducting sessions Sophia always connects to a higher dimension to help her with her work.

ShahPari, is a Persian name given to her by her grandmother which means Queen of the Fairy Realm.  Sophia, is a Greek name given to her by her mother which means Wisdom.  She loves both these names and feels connected to them at a soul level. Names are powerful, their root meaning has the ability to set the vibration on one's life path. 

Tarot / Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Individuals should always trust their own intuition when making decisions.
Yoga Memberships, Tarot / Psychic Readings are non-refundable or transferable.