About Us

What is Rasa?

Rasa is a Sanskrit word meaning “the essence”.
The ultimate aim of yoga is to experience “the essence” or “bliss” which is ones true nature.
Rasa is the essence of all that is inside and outside.
Rasa is the feeling nature of both the self and the universe.

At Rasa Flow Yoga we encourage people to connect to their most authentic selves.
When we bring importance to wellness in our daily life and practice yoga, we can enhance the state of equanimity. 

Our Vision:

  • help spread the vibrations of health and wellness in the community
  • transform our path to a more joyous life, both on and off the yoga mat
  • intention to keep prices affordable so we can all live holistically
  • continue to strengthen body, mind and spirit

At Rasa Flow Yoga, we offer a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere that invites the wholeness of body, mind and spirit. We help you relax, unwind, glow and inspire others to connect to the sweetness of life.