Men & Yoga

When it comes to yoga, a large portion of the regular practitioners are women. Peek into any yoga class, and a person will see a great room full of women of all ages, sizes and shapes, with a few men added in. Why is this?

Perhaps some men think yoga is too passive or does not produce enough results. After all, it’s clearly not the same as playing a sport or working out. They might not understand the full benefits that yoga can offer, or that it is a great addition to any regular workout regimen.

But the fact is yoga has a wealth of health benefits, even for men. These include:

  • Pain Reduction

The techniques found in yoga have been found to ease chronic pain, especially pain in the lumbar back. The practice also relieves the pain of headaches, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, an inflammation of a nerve in the wrist.

  • Lowering of Blood Pressure

Asymptomatic in most people, persistent high blood pressure can lead to sometimes devastating health problems, including kidney disease and stroke.

  • Healthy Heart and Circulation

Until menopause, men are more likely to suffer from heart conditions than are women. Yoga helps to support the health of the heart and makes sure the circulation of blood and lymph is strong and easy. Of course, good blood circulation also helps with intimacy.

  • Strong Muscles and Better Flexibility

Men may be surprised to learn that yoga also builds strong muscles and increases the body’s flexibility. These improvements in the strength and tone of the muscles leads to better athleticism and makes it easier to work out and perform other exercises without as much strain or fatigue. Yoga practice also protects an athlete from injury.

  • Stress Reduction

The postures, or asanas of yoga are created to minimize the effect of stress on the body and the mind. According to yoga, stress depletes the energy of the nerve cells and leads to physical and mental imbalance. Yoga strengthens the nervous system, which allows the person to deal with the stresses of life in a more positive way.

So, yes, yoga is certainly helpful for men. Whether it’s to support cardiovascular health, improve athletic performance or reduce stress, yoga is something that men should consider.

With all this in mind, bring your friend, son, husband, brother or boyfriend to a class at Rasa Flow Yoga. They won’t be sorry! Call for more information at 604 971-5230.