Gong Meditation

What is Gong Meditation and How Can I Benefit From It?

For many centuries Eastern cultures have utilized gongs for therapy and as an aid for meditation; they were also often used in religious and personal ceremonies. Gongs are metal discs that are shaped like a circle. They make a unique, reverberating sound when they are struck with a hammer made of rubber or wood. There are two different types of gongs, bossed gongs and flat gongs; gong meditation can utilize either type of gong. Gongs are round and represent the sphere of the earth. Their centers represent the sun. As the circle widens, it represents patterns of the human body and nature.

When used in ceremonies, gongs can be healing to the body, mind, and spirit; their sound encourages healing and change. When you listen to the gentle tones of a boss gong, it quiets the inner dialogue so that your mind calms down and you are able to meditate.

Some people claim that during illness or after a trauma, gong therapy has benefited them. It helps you release tension and to enjoy relaxation. When you feel tense, gongs can block negative feelings. Their gentle tones resonate within the body and stimulate the nerves, glands, and circulation. Some say that they even feel an increase in their life force.

Gong therapy can be useful when you have blockages in energy and emotions. You can strengthen your immune system and stimulate your nervous system. When used in mediation, gongs can help you reach higher levels of consciousness; they help move the brain from a waking state into deeper meditation.

It is easy to meditate with gong therapy. All you have to do is to get into a comfortable position. As you listen, picture the vibrations going through your entire body. Let each note massage your chakras from head to toe. If you fall asleep, it is okay. It just means you are totally relaxed.

You can enjoy the benefits of gong therapy regardless of your creed or beliefs. You do not have to be in a complicated yoga position. The important thing is to be mindful of your breathing, be comfortable, and present in the moment. As you hear the comforting sounds, you will be more aware of your feelings and the world around you. For more information about gong meditation, visit rasaflowyoga.com