Rasa Flow Yoga Studios are open, please join us!

Please present your vaccination status to the instructor when you arrive.  A verification “checkmark” will be added to your account, so you will not be asked again in the future.  

Send your concerns to or speak in-person to Ayesha or Sophia.   

Rasa Flow Yoga Studios is a space to foster your well-being and nurture your heart felt wishes. Join us to reflect and inspire your day. 

Health concerns  - we want everyone to be safe and healthy.  Please do not visit the studios if you have symptoms of illness. (eg.  cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache) and symptoms of Covid-19.

Physical distancing tape markers are in place to maintain 2 meter distancing within the studio.  If you are unable to maintain physical distancing please wear a mask.

Studio protocol

  • Sign up for classes online and pay online (to ensure minimum contactless forms of payment)
  • Please wear a face mask in the studio space
  • Remove your face mask only on the yoga mat
  • Class sizes are limited.   Ensure your reservation is cancelled 2 hours before class time (if you are unable to attend).  No shows and late cancellations will be charged a fee of $10.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class
  • Sanitize your hands
  • You are welcome to bring your own mat and props (studio mats and blocks are available for use along with disinfecting solution and paper towels)
  • A basket for your belongings will be placed beside each mat to maintain distancing
  • At the end of practice, please disinfect the yoga mat and props.  If the studio mat was removed from its place, please return it to the original position before leaving the studio.

Yoga classes to build resilience during Covid -19

  • Keep the lymph flowing through specific movements
  • Stretch and ease the connective tissues
  • Stimulate the thymus gland to attack viruses and infection
  • Enhance the functions of the spleen: to remove old blood cells, destroy bacteria, help the body fight infection
  • Pranayam practices to improve the function of the lungs and maintain balance in the systems of the body
  • Meditation practices to balance the spiritual self.

Why choose Rasa Flow Yoga

At Rasa Flow Yoga, we offer a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere that invites the wholeness of body, mind and spirit. We help you relax, unwind, glow and inspire others to connect to the sweetness of life.

We invite students of all ages and abilities to experience the traditional and authentic teachings that allow for transformation and healing to occur.  We teach:

– Asana (yoga pose) for body alignment, strength and flexibility
– Pranayama (breathing practice) to strengthen the nervous system
– Meditation for mental strength and clarity