Meditation for Children

Meditation for Children

Meditation is a wonderful age-old tradition that has been practiced by numerous cultures over many thousands of years. It is something that many people have gravitated towards at some point in their lives. Many people choose to meditate either when they feel inner turmoil or when they have a desire to connect to their body and mind.

The benefits are many, ranging from better focus to a more positive outlook on life. Many people do not realize that children can benefit from meditation and yoga just as much as adults. In fact establishing the habit of this healthy practice can be the start of a life-long routine for your child. In a time where so many children are feeling anxious, restless or disconnected; meditation can provide inner peace, strength and happiness. This translates into better sleep, better grades in school, increased creativity and more!

In a large study completed in 2012, children who were diagnosed with ADHD and who were taking medications to control their disorders were instructed to begin daily meditation and over 50% of the children had such positive reactions that they were able to reduce or completely stop their medications. You can read more about the study here:

Yoga has many benefits for children ranging from allowing them to understand their bodies better, to increasing focus and the ability to meditate when needed. Try out one of our kid’s Yoga classes to see how meditation for children and focused movement can be fun and an effect way to calm down and focus thoughts.

Your child can enjoy our Rasa Rainbow Kids Yoga and Meditation for 5-10 year olds, or Youth Yoga and Meditation for 11 and up. Rainbow Kids Yoga teaches many of the Yoga moves, but also implements a fun silly side that allows the children to relax and be at ease. The Youth Yoga builds upon these skills for teens and preteens.

It is simple to find the find the class that is best suited to your needs at Rasa Yoga. We offer classes suited for people who have never even been on a yoga mat, and classes for people who are familiar with all the poses, terms, and processes already. At Rasa Yoga you will find the best class to help improve your body and soul.

When you do find the perfect class, we have great rates and regular meeting times so you can enjoy the benefits of Yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Our studio is a peaceful haven from the rest of the city; it is a place to reset mind and body with no judgment no matter your experience level.

To join a yoga group for children or to see if it is right for your family visit Rasa Flow Yoga at you can save time by filling out the forms online before coming up.