Cannot Sleep? Try These 4 Yoga Poses on Your Mattress

An optimistic attitude, enhanced memory, a well-functional metabolism and stress resilience: these are just a few of the advantages we achieve if we get proper sleep, night after night. Our ability to solve problems and our academic performances can be improved with a good night rest.

On the other hand, losing sleep has damaging consequences for our body and brain. Some severe illnesses could affect us in time, while our capacity to work, shine and lead a beautiful life will be impacted as well.

I’m sure that you’re all aware of the importance of proper repose for our well-being. But sometimes, no matter how tired you feel or how long your day has been, sleep merely won’t come. Instead of tossing and turning around in your bed or watching TV, or playing on your laptop or smartphone, hoping to fall asleep sooner, I suggest you try yoga – the natural way to calm down your mind and body and enjoy a smooth plunge into deep, restful sleep.The fantastic thing about the yoga poses I’d like to show you is that they can be done in bed, on your mattress! You have to move the comforters on a side, but keep the pillows: for some of them, cushions are in fact helpful. Here are my suggestions for quicker and better sleep:

The child’s pose

I confess this is one of my favorite poses and its effects are quick and guaranteed. Grab one or two pillows and rest your chest and belly on them, while keeping your knees wide apart (but making sure that your big toes touch each other). Place your head on a pillow, on one side, close your eyes and relax all your muscles. Your arms can rest alongside the cushions – or underneath, as you prefer. Breathe gently, in and out, and enjoy the serenity for a few minutes (five to seven). Sleep will follow almost immediately.

The wind-relieving pose

An optional pillow is an excellent choice for this pose. Lie down on your back, on the mattress, with the cushion under your head. Stretch one leg forward and bend the other one (just like in the picture). Braid your fingers around your shinbone or behind the knee of your arched leg, whichever feels more natural to you. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply into your belly. Stay like that as long as you like, then switch sides. You’ll feel incredibly relaxed and ready to go to sleep in no time.

The upside-down pose

All you need for this particular pose are your mattress and the wall next to your bed. Move the pillows away for this one, too and sit comfortably on your mattress, facing the wall (or the bed headboard). Try to place your butt at a 6 inches distance away from it, lie back and then stretch your legs up the wall. Depending on how intense that feels, slide your butt further away from the wall – or keep it like this, if you feel comfortable enough. You can even move closer if you want. Let your arms gently rest by your sides, with your palms facing up, not down, and breathe. You’ll achieve a relaxing sensation in a couple of minutes.

The reclining twist (supported)

Another easy-to-perform pose! Lie flat on your back, bend both your legs at a 90-degree angle and let them lean over to your right side. Stack the knees, level the hips and slide one or two pillows between your thighs. Incline your head to the left and expand the arms out at a shoulder level. Close your eyes; relax and focus on breathing. Switch sides after a while, twisting to the left and turning your head to the right.

Any of the suggested poses you decide to try will help you enjoy the peaceful rest you need and deserve. My suggestion is to also try a relaxing yoga pose in the morning as well, when waking up, to warm up your muscles and prepare your mind for the challenges of the new day.